DynaGraft-D® Osteoinductive Dental Bone Graft Substitute

DynaGraft-D is a unique graft substitute designed to promote natural bone formation using a high content of human demineralized bone matrix (DBM) in our Reverse Phase Medium.

Two Formulation Options

Available in both putty and gel formulations, DynaGraft-D can be used either alone or as a bone graft extender. Both formulations are pre-mixed for easy application without refrigeration—no additional time required for thawing, mixing or setting the material.

Staying Power

DynaGraft-D combines demineralized bone matrix (DBM) with our proprietary carrier, Reverse Phase Medium (RPM). The unique properties of RPM allow DynaGraft-D to thicken at body temperature, resisting both irrigation and suction, to facilitate guided clot formation and easy vascularization.

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