We focus on breakthrough technology, not for technology’s sake, but to bring simplicity and reliability to clinicians and their patients. Our products are designed to do more with less hassle and with the singular focus of creating a healthy, more natural-looking smile.

Implant Systems


The Genesis implant system offers more natural, immediate function combined with the first-ever marketed pink implant collar and abutments for long-term aesthetics and patient satisfaction.


The Prima implant system gives clinicians the sensible options and advanced features necessary to meet a variety of surgical or restorative challenges with simplicity and efficiency.

Heritage Brands


The Restore external hex implant system is built upon historically successful designs combined with enhancements that improve fit, function and overall ease-of-use.


The Stage-1 single-stage implant system features a reliable internal locking prosthetic connection and requires minimal components and instrumentation to help keep procedures simple.


The Renova implant system’s internal hex connection delivers excellent strength and clinical flexibility, with tapered and straight designs sharing the same prosthetic options.



As the only intact extracellular membrane designed to remodel soft tissue, DynaMatrix promotes natural healing and becomes an indistinguishable component of the patient’s natural gingival tissue.1

DynaMatrix® Plus

At twice the thickness of standard DynaMatrix, DynaMatrix Plus has been engineered to generate tissue of increased depth for root coverage and tissue bulking procedures.


Accell is an advanced allograft product that contains a unique combination of demineralized bone matrix, bone morphogenetic proteins and growth factors that stimulates the natural bone formation process—all in an easy-to-use syringeable putty.


DynaBlast is an allograft material that contains both demineralized and mineralized bone in a proprietary Reverse Phase Medium carrier to stimulate new bone growth while providing a natural structural scaffold to support new bone formation.


DynaGraft-D is a unique graft substitute designed to promote natural bone formation using a high content of human demineralized bone matrix in our proprietary Reverse Phase Medium.

Digital Planning & Guided Surgery


With EasyGuide dental implant planning and placement software, clinicians have access to a comprehensive suite of digital tools that facilitate faster, more accurate treatment planning, analysis and placement.

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